When it comes to financing a major project, Lenders need to ensure that the borrower has arranged as thorough an insurance programme as possible, while remaining within the bounds of commercial reasonableness. INDECS has extensive experience of working through the insurance review process for lenders on structured finance projects.

As of May 2022, INDECS have over 300 instructions with a total project value of USD 110 billion.

With experience of local legislation and insurance practice around the globe, our due diligence experts provide sound, impartial advice on a range of insurance issues. From reviewing key project agreements to analysing your borrower’s insurance and reinsurance policies, we can offer support and guidance on every issue, at every stage of the process.

Because we’re independent insurance consultants – not insurance brokers – our complete objectivity means we can negotiate hard against brokers to deliver the best solution for you. Plus, the depth and breadth of our experience has supported the financing of some of the largest projects in the world. Whether you’re about to embark on a transaction, or already have one underway – our due diligence services are available.

INDECS insurance project finance services include:

  • Reporting on project risks – highlighting areas of exposure
  • Analysis of key project agreements – ensuring that contractual exposures are clearly understood
  • Negotiation of contractual insurance requirements – providing lenders with comfort for the duration of the loan
  • Assessment of a borrower’s insurance arrangements – are they adequate and compliant?
  • Review of insurance and reinsurance security – including assignment security where necessary
  • Assessment of local insurance and captive insurers – ensuring the risk to lenders remains acceptable