Whether you’re looking to outsource your day-to-day insurance administration or need expertise for a one-off project, INDECS can help. With consultants experienced and experts in a wide range of insurance and risk management issues, we offer specialist advice tailored to your exact requirements. From devising effective risk management and insurance programmes, to taking care of complex claim negotiations and advising on major finance deals, we have the insight, focus and vision you need to achieve your objectives.

INDECS offers a range of insurance consultancy services, including:

  • Insurance management – providing expert advice on what and how much you need to buy and relieving your day-to-day insurance burden
  • Managing broker tenders – using our independent position and knowledge of who’s who and what is achievable in the market, we can ensure you are able to assess what is presented in order to choose the best option
  • Insurance programme design – recommending the right insurance for your specific needs
  • Insurance policy audit – reporting on what is covered, what is not, and what needs to be
  • Risk identification and review of risk allocation – acting on your behalf to protect your best interests