FMO is the Dutch development bank, offering capital and knowledge to companies, projects and financial institutions in developing countries.  INDECS have worked closely with the in-house insurance team at FMO, who take the lead on insurance matters on most transactions in which FMO is involved.  We represent FMO, and partner financial institutions, on a large number of power, energy and infrastructure projects worldwide, helping develop robust, bankable insurance protection for the lender group.

“The professionalism of the INDECS team is highly valued, and their overall insurance knowledge, connections to the international insurance market and general responsiveness is an asset to any project finance transaction.  INDECS have been instrumental in finding workable solutions to challenges imposed by local insurance regulations in countries where international lender requirements would otherwise not have been met.  These solutions have created market standards which international lenders can use in future transactions.”

Senior Insurance Advisor, FMO