Joe Brennan

Senior Consultant
+44 (0) 20 73974154
+44 (0) 7384 796249


Joe is a risk management and finance specialist with 15 years of experience in the international insurance and reinsurance sector.

During his career, Joe has led the design and implementation of risk management strategies for operations and projects with complex risk profiles. Joe believes that risk allocation models involving multiple stakeholders (contractors, partners, government entities etc.) should be developed and shaped to deliver long term value.

Joe is well versed in the insurance requirements for oil and gas operations in many geographies but specialises in Africa, the Middle East and the US, he is also very familiar with the various fiscal regimes utilised in these territories.

Joe has successfully interacted with external regulatory, fiscal and industry groups in multiple jurisdictions to advise on and promote group or business position. 

Prior to joining INDECS, Joe worked for BP in both the UK and the US where he has proven track record in identifying, developing and implementing appropriate insurance risk financing approaches that provide value to insurance buyers.

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